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Cultural Training:

We all enjoyed the day and liked the way in which the Course Leader ran the workshop.  The day certainly gave us food for thought and the opportunity to take time to discuss and think about some of the situations we have experienced.  I hope we didn't give away too many real life examples!! 

The team also gave me feedback that it was a good team building exercise.  If we have a need for further cultural training we will definitely use you again.

Dun & Bradstreet, Buckinghamshire

James was a very good presenter and kept our interest throughout the day.

It was obvious that the trainer has a very good understanding of the culture and has obviously spent time in-country.  Very good and enjoyable session.

James was an excellent host – the course was informative and to the point.  Interaction and involvement for the trainee’s was of a high standard and I would recommend to others.

An excellent course and tutor.

Well balance tutorial, gave food for thought.

Selex Galileo, Basildon

Very good training. Helps to understand the behaviour of other foreigners.

Very appropriate in today’s fast changing environment  The trainer had very good communication skills with appropriate pauses and control over his subject delivery.

The telephone role-play was very good.  The parts that related to French and Latin cultures helped as did the bits relating to English culture as seen by non-UK people.

The group activities proved many points and the trainer was excellent.

Nestlé UK, York

I found all the programme important – especially good to remember how I can be perceived rather than what I think of other cultures.

Excellent speaker, delivery was fantastic.  I loved the games, exercises and video’s as they reinforced what he was saying.

Good knowledge, excellent interaction.

Very dynamic and enthusiastic speaker.  Very enjoyable.

Oliver Wyman Financial Services, London

Perfect preparation for our forthcoming interactions with potential customers.  Very practice advice on all levels that I was hoping for.

Awesome! As the Americans might say.

Being able to get personalised advice on how to handle and plan meetings was valuable.

It was great, very interactive and very responsible to our needs.  Outstanding training.

CellCentric, Cambridge

I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the course your consultants delivered last week.  It was superb, extremely interesting and everyone gained a lot from it, especially the cross-cultural elements. 

Brilliant content and well done by a great instructor, eye opening, fun and money well spent by Acergy.

The Babel course was very professionally run and well organised

Team exercises were great, especially in small groups.

The cultural interface was really interesting.  Deepak is a great teacher with all his personal experiences.

Graduate Engineering Development Week, Acergy Group

The tutor’s sessions were certainly very well received by my colleagues and the feedback from his sessions has been equally good from the UK and European offices.  All of the feedback has rated his sessions as being either good or excellent.  Please pass on our sincere thanks for providing such interesting and thoughtful sessions.

Professional Support Lawyer, DLA Piper Rudnick

We were very pleased with the course that you organised for us.  We were delighted with the outcome.  All staff agreed that it gave an excellent background into the different countries, lifestyles, customs and traditions.  On top of that we all had a lot of fun!  As our Event Team Leader commented “Excellent personal development.  Can I send the whole team next time!”.

Staff Development Manager, Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Many thanks for the enjoyable and informative day and a half session.  I know that all my colleagues enjoyed the time that we spent with you and certainly benefited from the experience.

Human Resources Director, GeoPost UK

The tutor was an excellent presenter and orator.  He was extremely interesting and very knowledgeable on the topic; gave good points and the time just flew by.

This was one of the best seminars that I have ever attended.  It should be repeated with him as the presenter.  It was excellent and actually should be required for everyone in PDM!

This was an outstanding good and helpful presentation.

This was a great session, I could have listened to the tutor for a lot longer, the time went very quickly.

PDM, Roche Products

I really enjoyed the day.  It was so much more interesting and eye-opening than I thought it would be.

Great, really enjoyed the course and found the insights valuable to understanding how to improve communication.

The tutor was very positive and extremely knowledgeable and fantastic at involving the whole group.

One of the most relevant and interesting courses I’ve been on.  Thank you very much.

Very enjoyable and inspiring course.  Will certainly recommend.

Oasis Stores

Will be very useful for my future work.  I would recommend this programme to all my colleagues.

The tutor was brilliant.  So informative.  The programme should be provided to all – invaluable.

Kraft Foods, Munich

Nicely done, lots to cover in a short time but it didn’t feel rushed

Course exceeded expectations especially as I have seen the tutor present before.  I was very impressed with how well the tutor adapted the material for our training needs.

I learnt so much more than I expected and I did expect to learn a lot!  As always, the tutor was excellent.

Learning & Development Team, Roche

Excellent programme by excellent trainer

The trainer always kept a neutral position without offending specific cultures

Excellent.  The trainer’s pronunciation was very understandable for non-native speakers.  If an unfamiliar term was used, he spent time to explain those.

Nestlé Product Technology Centre

Excellent, the Indian cultural training really made sense.  Made me think how I’d see French/English relationships as well.

Good content, good period of time.  Nothing to change.

I have a greater understand of why India is how it is.

Appreciated a different way of looking at the world.

The practical solutions to communication problems was valuable.

Pace Micro Technology plc

Great speaker with lots of experience which benefited the seminar.

Very enthusiastic, perfect English and a good mix of presentations and team-work

Really good structured seminar, challenging and not boring at all

I liked the friendly atmosphere, felt always involved in communications.

What a professional presenter in a very lively and fresh way!  Always giving good examples.

Haniel Akademie, Duisburg

The programme was very enjoyable and interesting

The trainer was a great communicator who knew his material well and was very knowledgeable about all Asian countries and culture so that he could offer extended explanations where appropriate

The case studies and workshops were very valuable, especially the one about British/Chinese culture, together with the information about formalities

There was good interaction and an exchange of personal experiences, with questions answered all the time

It was the best cultural training I have ever received!

Symbian Software Ltd

Trainer was as well informed, eloquent and entertaining as ever.  Always a pleasure to listen to.

Great!!  Enjoyable, informative day – thank you!

Full mix of tools for the day, games, examples etc.  Good use of general group discussion and good banter.

Top Stuff!!

The programme was informative and well put together, providing various aspects of why our customers behaviour is so different and how we may deal with that.

Selex SAS

Just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for organising the cultural training - I'd been a bit unsure if I really needed it, as I felt I'd begun to get a handle on living here - but it proved absolutely fascinating.

Patrice was great and really easy to talk to - I got a huge amount out of the discussions and read through all the guides again as soon as I could.  The whole concept of addressing cultural integration on an intellectual level (I had assumed it was going to be a sort of 'here's the post office and here's how you send a letter' type of session) has really got me excited again about living abroad.  I'm looking forward to reading up on body language and studying some more French history to get a better perspective on French attitude and identity. Please pass on my thanks to Patrice.  It really was a very useful day!

British expatriate, Paris

Language Training:

I’d like to say that I enjoyed the French lessons immensely and I definitely did learn a lot.  Even if I can’t speak fluently, I can read and write some emails and that is immensely useful in itself when dealing with Luxembourg.  The teaching style was just right for us and in my case certainly made a big difference to my ability to learn and I know that I will miss the lessons and the teacher.

RBC Dexia

"Having almost completed the first part of our commercial Spanish course with you, we would like to say how delighted our staff are with your tutor and the course generally and would not hesitate to recommend your company to any company which would be interested in pursuing in-house language courses for its staff."

Omega (UK) Limited

"May I take this opportunity to thank Babel for its excellent and professional service during our Swedish course. Marta has been an excellent and delightful tutor and I should be grateful if you would thank her for all her efforts and her eternal patience with us."

Director, Gomex Tools Ltd

"Now that we are halfway through our French training, I felt it was time to thank you for the professionalism your organisation has displayed to date. Not only have you delivered as per my brief, but your tutor has made the "painful" process of learning a new language fun and rewarding. Although my diary is particularly full I still find myself making time to attend! I am delighted to inform you that not only has this been a success on an individual basis but we are finding that our governing body is increasingly more helpful and flexible; a truly great result!"

Marketing Manager, Honda UK

"Your course was well structured and took me through the basics of the language as expected. However, Babel clearly listened and understood my personal objectives. I am very pleased that you continued to monitor my progress, both at the time of training and with regular communication. I find this kind of attention is, unfortunately, increasingly rare these days"

Voice and Data Services Manager, Swiss Life (UK)

"I would like to say that your tutor, Emmanuelle, is great and I am learning a lot"

Chief Executive, Cap Gemini

"Just a short note to thank Oliver and yourself for last week's seminar. The feedback I have received from my colleagues has been extremely positive. Everyone enjoyed the session and indeed, felt they had gained from it too".

Principal Project Office, Kent County Council

"I would like to thank you most sincerely for the hard work and tremendous support you have given me and my team over the past few years. Babel has become a very valuable agency to us and we have come to rely on your expertise in a number of areas".

International Baccalaureate Organisation

"This is a quick note to thank you and all at Babel for improving my French so much. Although I am not a natural linguist, you and your team have really made it fun to learn and Carole, my tutor, in particular has been first class. I will look back on this period as really valuable and hope I have many chances to use my French in future. "

Finance Director, Cable and Wireless 

"You have always proved very willing to meet our deadlines, often working over week-ends or bank holidays. You have always provided accurate, high quality translations of our complex documents and your staff are always ready to discuss our requirements and answer any queries".

Executive Chairman, Regus

"May I thank you and your staff for the excellent service that we have received".

Managing Director's PA, Moss Chemists

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