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Cross-Cultural Training

It’s hard enough for people to work as a team when they are based in the same building. But if you work in a multi-cultural or geographically dispersed business the challenge is far greater, particularly if you communicate in English, which for some of your clients and partners may be their second language. Small wonder, then, that misunderstandings and problems arise.

To help improve your own performance, or that of your team or function, we can offer you a wide range of cross-cultural programmes including:

There’s lots of ways of learning about new cultures. The internet abounds with web-sites and Amazon lists a huge number of books. But passively gathering information on a culture will never replace the richness of exploring one’s own personal and organisational context in an instructor-led training session. 

Our stimulating and practical courses provide an introduction to culture and why we behave in the way we do. Together, we explore what you have observed in your partners and review the underlying values, attitudes and expectations driving their behaviours. We use tools and models of culture to highlight the small changes you need to make to harmonise and work better together.

Topics under discussion include:

  • attitudes towards building relationships and socialising
  • leadership and management styles
  • performance and feedback
  • risk and failure
  • change and new ideas
  • schedules and punctuality
  • how to demonstrate trust remotely.

One of the key outcomes of our training is to help you communicate effectively across cultures. Depending on the cultural groups you work with, we offer advice for whether your communication should be ‘frank’ and explicit or diplomatic and implicit, whether you should show interest with lots of small-talk or explain your points in a logical sequence. We practice telephone role-plays and email writing skills. Our workshops always include advice for using ‘Global’ English for communicating with non-native speakers.

Course durations include classic one- and two-day programmes, half-day Master Classes, short Learning Bites, webinars or coaching using web-based profiling questionnaires and feedback.

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