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Cross-Cultural Facilitators

Do you lack the international experience or expertise to guide a multi-cultural team through their work process? Do you have international meeting that are critical to the success of your company and where there will be a variety of differing opinions in the room?   If so, we provide experienced cross-cultural facilitators with international experience and sound cultural competence.  They bring a range of tools and techniques to help a group and provide structure to their discussions or decision-making.

When our facilitators are used, the benefits include:

  • Explaining the cultural ‘norms’ that drive the behaviour and preferences of their international colleagues
  • Providing an opportunity for everyone, especially non-native English speakers, to fully contribute and feel that the ways “things are normally done in their country” is better understood
  • Overcoming any obstacles to progress caused by conflict and tension in the group
  • Leaving with positive feelings and a sense of progress having been made.

We work closely with our clients to understand the tasks, subjects and problems to be addressed, the group dynamics, meeting format, tools being used, agenda items and goals.  Our facilitators use a range of tools including ice-breakers, energizers, exercises and role-plays for team-building, goal setting, communication, problem-solving and decision-making.

Recent Facilitation Request: 2 Day Team Event
"We have a team of 10 managers with varied levels of experience from Taiwan, India, UK, Germany and China. We would like help with the ‘getting to know’ aspect, rules on decision-making, communicating and evaluating performance."

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