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Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

The cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of Britain has changed dramatically in the past 20 years.  Multiculturalism has become a fact of life and business.  How businesses respond to this challenge positively is one of the main issues facing UK plc. 

Our practical and interactive workshops identify the keys to understanding different perspectives and enable participants to promote and work effectively in diverse teams.  During the workshop, delegates have the opportunity to: 

  • Review the legislation around Diversity and Inclusion
  • Explore their own attitudes to Diversity and Difference
  • Undertake a Diversity Audit Exercise
  • Understand the costs and benefits of having a Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Understand what motivates their colleagues
  • Understand how and when they need to modify their behaviour to create a positive impression and avoid giving unintentional offence
  • Use a range of techniques for effective communication 

Prior to the workshop we ask the delegates to complete a pre-course questionnaire which will allow us to gain greater knowledge of their roles, typical work situations and the specialist field that they operate in.  This increased knowledge will allow us to create a tailored programme relevant to your business.

Bite-Sized Session: Money Talks – Diversity Matters

We also offer practical Bite-Sized sessions, often held on a back-to-back basis throughout a given day.  These interactive seminars review the legal, social and moral case for diversity however our prime focus is on exploring the Business Case for diversity.  Through presentation of data, research, a personal audit and case studies, we identify the challenges and opportunities facing organisations.  We then undertake a Cost Benefit Analysis of the options available, highlighting that there is a cost to diversity, a cost in managing it and a cost in avoiding it. 

During the session, we offer real-life scenarios from other organisations and highlight good practices that can be implemented for both some quick wins and longer term gains.

“Very interesting and informative.”

“This was a good session and should be done more often.”

“Thought the team interacted well, helped by the trainer bringing interaction out of them.”

“Very personable and made us feel relaxed.”

To find out more about our Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Training please contact Sue on 020 8295 5877 or email