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High-Performing Multi-Cultural Teams

During this workshop, delegates will explore the issues of team working, effective communication and resolving conflict from other cultural group's perspectives.


  • Understand your international colleagues' cultural values and preferred approaches in the workplace
  • Learn to communicate effectively whether on a face-to-face basis or remotely
  • Explore the issues of team working from different cultural perspectives
  • Gain practical hints and tips to follow when working in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams

Course Content

This is a highly interactive training seminar where delegates are encouraged to share experiences and work in groups to explore solutions with consultation, briefings and exercises from our course tutor accelerating and directing the process. Role plays of critical incidents and in-depth analysis of cross cultural dialogues help those with a basic understanding of multi-cultural team management a more specialist look at the ways their team can thrive.

Introduction to Culture

What is "normal" behaviour? Why we behave in the way we do – an introduction to cultural awareness.

Group Simulation

An exercise to simulate the effect of communication problems in human interaction by playing a simple game in small groups. The debrief explores techniques for understanding and reconciling cultural differences so that they function effectively.

Model of Culture

A comprehensive introduction to a Model of Culture which provides a framework for understanding the behaviours and preferences of the cultural groups under discussion. During this session, we will offer advice on leadership styles: managing a multi-cultural team; delegating; the role of the boss; business and social hierarchy; team-working; giving and receiving feedback and handling meetings.

Group Exercise

A simulation in which a team must make decisions and strive to complete a task in a new fictitious culture. This simulation is particularly useful as participants experience the dynamics, processes, advantages and disadvantages of decision-making across such differences as nationality, culture, gender and organisation.

Country-by-country comparison

Working in small groups, delegates will then summarise their key findings and develop strategies for modifying their behaviour where appropriate.

Group Discussion

A session of 'inverse' brain-storming where in small groups, the delegates will be challenged to consider how they can be stopped from working effectively as an integrated team. This is an extremely powerful technique for turning all the problems highlighted into successful ways of working.  During the debriefing, all the ideas generated by the team will be turned around to form successful new 'rules' or a team charter.


Practical steps to take when working in a multi-cultural team.

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