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Accent Modification

Accent Modification

This course helps delegates who wish to ’modify’ their accent in order to improve their ability to communicate with clients and colleagues. Typically, we find that people needing accent modification are foreign nationals usually with a strong grasp of English but whose individual speech patterns limit their ability to fully express themselves or be understood. They are often unaware that English has sounds that do not exist in their mother tongue and therefore need guidance and coaching to recognize these sounds and incorporate them in to their everyday speech.
In our accent modification course they learn how melody, rhythm and placement are as important for clear speech as properly formed vowels and consonants. They will feel the specific action of the various articulators and learn to use them for greater precision and clarity of speech. Generally, they will begin to hear and feel how to modify their speech to communicate more clearly, and achieve a more English sound.

“After the first two sessions I am very excited about the programme and certain that it will be tremendously beneficial for me!”   Freedom Insurance Services

For more information please contact Sue Curry on 020 8295 5877 or email