Language Courses

Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Malaysia, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Urdu.

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Graduate & Future Leaders Development Programme

If graduates play an important part in your company’s future, you will know that you are working in a demanding and competitive environment.  Attracting and retaining the cream of your industry’s talent is an important and expensive commitment.  Babel can support you in this by delivering a flexible, tailored development programme.  At the end of one of our courses, your young professionals will have learnt how to:

  • Understand their international colleagues' cultural values and preferred approaches in the workplace
  • Communicate effectively whether on a face-to-face basis or remotely
  • Explore the issues of team-working from different cultural perspectives
  • Gain practical hints and tips to follow when working in your multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams

Regularly we deliver this course in Aberdeen to 100 plus graduates from one of the most dynamic companies in the seabed-to-surface engineering and construction sector.  Pleasingly it has always been a huge success and from these testimonials it still is!

"The Babel presentations were very good as it really raised general awareness towards how we perceive or are perceived, towards culture and general communication. I think this will be very useful for me. They were true experts at presenting as they used many good presentation tools; smaller groups, dialogue, tasks, not too long sessions, showing knowledge and passion to the subject."

"Presenters managed their lecture time effectively and were able to gauge their audience and respond punctually to the audience energy and mood. They included lots of exercises that got their points across instead of labouring through PowerPoint."

"Exercises were relevant and were using our own experience. The Presenters were convincing, open minded and interested in each person of the group. Content is easy to understand and will undoubtedly help during future business travels or work with other offices."

"The module gave me a better understanding of working with people from different cultures and will definitely play an important role to avoid miscommunication when it comes to working with colleagues from other offices in the future."

"I learnt things that I have been able to use at once, e.g. to be patient with people from southern cultures who have not always a line of thinking as direct as ours, and whose apparent lack of efficiency might have been irritating, had we not been aware of the cultural differences."

To find out more please contact Sue Curry, MD on 020 8295 5877, alternatively email