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International Negotiation Skills

If you would like to interact more competently and positively with others in the workplace, these personal development courses will help you enrich your working life.

International Negotiation Skills

This two-day International Negotiations Skills course enables delegates to negotiate successfully with partners from around the world. It identifies the key skills of negotiating, as well as providing a practical framework for preparing a negotiation. It looks at how to identify key targets, work out tactics, deal with difficult negotiators, and achieve the results needed.  It also focuses on the language of negotiation, persuading and influencing techniques and how to develop relationships with negotiating partners.

The course also helps to identify the key cultural parameters that are needed when negotiating internationally.  It examines in greater depth the negotiating and communication styles of the main cultures they deal with. The more they know about their international partners, the more they will be able to adapt their style, and the greater the chance they will be able to communicate and negotiate successfully with them.

By the end of the training, delegates will:

  • Understand and have practised the key skills of negotiation
  • Understand how to adapt their style when negotiating with people from different cultures
  • Know how to prepare for a negotiation by asking the right questions, identifying their targets and bargaining range, and preparing for those of their partners
  • Know how to achieve movement in the negotiation, and to manage the negotiation process
  • Know how to deal with difficult partners, and build constructive relationships
  • Understand how people from different cultures negotiate
  • Be able to use the most appropriate language to influence and persuade their partners, and use “Global English” when negotiating with non-native English speakers

“Very professional, clean and persuasive.”

“The course was great and delighted to have the opportunity to attend.”  VMWare, Sofia

‘It has changed my opinion of how to start meetings.’

‘Feel more prepared for my trip in 4 weeks!’

‘Taught me a lot about overseas culture and also enabled me to recognise a lot about my current approach.’

‘I will use this info a lot for my work.  It helps with my day to day job and also whilst travelling.’   Sainsbury's, Buying Team