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International Presentation Skills

This International Presentations Skills course will enable delegates to become more effective and powerful international presenters. The programme will focus on knowing your audience thoroughly, identifying the right message, and making sure it hits home. Delegates will learn how to adapt their presentations to different international audiences.

They will examine how to keep their audience’s interest and attention throughout the presentation, by using their voice, body language, structure, and visuals effectively. In addition, they will practise keeping control and handling questions.

This course will be ideal for anybody who needs to improve their skills when making presentations to international audiences, whether senior or junior in the organisation. They could be experienced presenters who wish to polish up their skills, or less experienced, who need to learn and practise the tools and skills of successful presentation.

The training can be run as a one or two-day programme. Clearly, the two-day programme allows for much greater practice and feedback, which are essential to delegates’ progress and increased confidence in making presentations. 

By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Have examined their presenting strengths and weaknesses, and received feedback on their performance
  • Have practised different ideas and tips to further improve their presentations
  • Have greater confidence in making memorable and interesting presentations
  • Be able to convince, motivate and influence their audiences
  • Be able to identify the right message, and communicate it powerfully and interestingly
  • Understand when and how they need to adapt their presentations to international audiences

For a course outline, please contact Sue Curry on 020 8295 5877, alternatively email