What Sort of Language Learner are You?

August 14, 2018

We all learn in different ways, we enjoy doing different activities and therefore it is important to consider what aspects of the learning you enjoy and what are the most effective activities for you. There is no one perfect way of learning a language that applies to all learners but there are some techniques that are important to know.

Make a note of your answer to these questions with 'Usually', 'Sometimes', '(Almost) Never' or 'Don't Know'

  1. Did/do you get good results in grammar tests?
  2. Do you have a good memory for new words?
  3. Do you hate making mistakes?
  4. In class did/do you get irritated if mistakes were/are not corrected?
  5. Is your pronunciation better when you read aloud than when you have a conversation?
  6. Do you wish you had more time to think before speaking?
  7. Did/do you enjoy being in a class?
  8. Do you find it difficult to pick up more than two or three words of a new language when you are on holiday abroad?
  9. Do you like to learn new grammar rules, words, etc by heart?

How to calculate your score:

3 points for each Usually
2 points for each Sometimes
1 point for each (Almost) Never
0 points for each Don’t know

TOTAL SCORE:  What sort of language learner are you?

Score 20-27 points ANALYTICAL?

You may feel it is very important to be as accurate as possible all the time. You probably prefer the sort of language learning where you need to think carefully: for example when you are doing grammar exercises, working out the meaning of words, practising pronunciation, etc. This is often the sort of language learning you do in class or when you are studying alone. You may be able to improve your language learning. Look at the suggestions.

Score: 14-19 points MIXTURE?

You may find that you do not fall into either of the categories marked Analytical? or Relaxed? Many people are a mixture and learn in different ways at different times, depending on the situation and what they are doing.

Look at the description of Analytical? and Relaxed? This will help you to think about areas of your learning you might improve.

To improve your fluency;

  • Try to speak more
  • Do not worry too much about making mistakes (people won't be listening for your mistakes but for what you are trying to say!)
  • Depend on yourself (Outside the classroom you won't always have a dictionary or tutor to help you)
Alternative Description

Score: 8-13 points RELAXED?

You seem to "pick up" languages without really making too much effort and you usually enjoy communicating with people. You may sometimes feel, however, that you should be learning more grammar rules, but you probably don't enjoy this and quickly lose interest. You may be able to improve your language learning. Look at the suggestions.

To become more accurate:

  • Try to find more time to be more accurate
    (You may need to spend more time thinking and practising your grammar and pronunciation)
  • Try to be more self-critical

Score: 0-7 points NOT SURE?

Your score does not mean that you are not, or cannot be a good language learner. Perhaps this is the first time that you have thought about the way that you learn. The fact that you are now thinking about the sort of learner you are is the first stage in forming your language learning strategies.

  • Try to become more aware of the way you learn
    (This will help you to decide which areas of your learning you might improve)

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