Executive Coaching

We offer fully personalised one-to-one coaching which delivers maximum impact in a short amount of time, based on your personal goals and needs – for those who need to develop their intercultural skills and knowledge as quickly as possible.

Learn from a team of qualified and experienced cultural coaches with knowledge and experience of the countries you wish to discuss.

If you believe you could benefit from personalised culture coaching, then it couldn’t be easier to arrange. You choose the format, duration and frequency of your training. We will then assign you a dedicated trainer most suited to your needs, availability and location preference.

Sessions can be scheduled at a regular time, with the benefit of flexibility, and offered either as a stand-alone programme or blended as part of a wider initiative.

At the outset, our trainer will identify your personal goals and objectives before delivering typically 3–6 one-to-one sessions.

During your class, your trainer will lead you through a series of structured activities and role plays that will help you apply what you have learned and actively develop the target skills.

At the end of the programme, you will receive a personalised feedback report from your trainer with a list of useful tips and suggestions for improvement.

Cultural training is not just relevant to senior executives, but also for high potentials and international assignees. It is also of immense value to anyone who has to develop skills and strategies for dealing with individuals from other national cultures.

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Babel has already helped thousands of executives make breakthroughs in their ability to work cross-culturally and develop new career-enhancing skills.  If you would like to join them, please contact me today for an informal chat on sue.curry@babelgroup.co.uk or 020 8295 5877.


‘Enlightening, inspiring and well-structured training.’

Personal Coaching


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Online Learning During the Corona Virus Outbreak

During the Corona virus disruption, we have expanded our online offering so that your employees can continue to learn while working from home. Our experienced trainers can provide inspiring sessions and webinars live online. These include and are not limited to: virtual classrooms for foreign and English language training, international assignee briefings, country-specific cultural briefings, unconscious bias and virtual culture coaching. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these options on 020 8295 5877.