Global Teams

Teams whose members come from different nations and backgrounds can place special demands on organisations. Cultural differences can create substantial obstacles to effective teamwork because they can be subtle and difficult to recognise until unfortunately relationships have already broken down.

The good news is that cultural challenges are manageable if Team Leaders and their members are willing to acknowledge their cultural preferences and actively work with them.  We will share with you our experience and advice to help improve the collaboration, performance and levels of trust in your team.

Alternative Description
Working Across Cultures
Alternative Description
High Performing Multi-Cultural Teams

Agile Teams:  Agile working empowers an organisation's people to work where, when and how they choose - with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints to optimise performance and deliver value and service.  To achieve the benefits presented by this new way of working, managers need high levels of trust in workplace relationships.  Our focused workshop will provide you with techniques for managing your team to work effectively, communicate well and maintain high levels of engagement and trust.    

Working Across Cultures: You will learn about cultural preferences towards building relationships and socialising, leadership and management styles, performance and feedback, risk and failure, schedules and punctuality and how to build trust remotely. One of the key outcomes is to help you communicate more effectively across cultures. You’ll practice telephone role-plays, email writing skills and using ‘Global’ English for communicating with non-native speakers.

Need inspiration? Read our Case Study 'Virtual Culture Coaching' and visit our Cultural Newsletter section for handy individual country summaries.

High Performing Multi-Cultural Teams: Given that team collaboration relies on a baseline of mutual understanding and respect, we offer a template for understanding your preferences and those of your team members. Working together, you decide the changes you need to make in order to harmonise and work better together. The production of a final Team Charter (Best Practices that reflect the team’s values) clarifies actions and lessens confusion and mixed expectations. 

Need inspiration? Read our Case Study 'High-Performing Multi-Cultural Teams' and visit our Personal Impact section for more courses that might also be of interest to your teams.

Country Briefings:  Our most popular programmes include Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, Taiwan, the UAE and USA.

Our range of country briefings will directly benefit you if your company is doing business in a specific country or region, setting up a Joint Venture partnership, remotely managing suppliers or rolling out projects there.

Regional programmes also include the EMEA, Emerging Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia Pacific. 

Alternatively, if you have an international colleague due to join your UK office, read our Case Studies 'International Assignments: Working in the UK' and 'Business English: Accent Modification & Writing Skills'.

Graduate & Future Leaders: If graduates play an important part in your company’s future, you will know that you are working in a demanding and competitive environment.  Attracting and retaining the cream of your industry’s talent is an important and expensive commitment.  We can help support you in this by providing blended, tailored programmes to develop your talent into global-ready leaders. 

As part of your Graduate Training you may wish to consider Business and General English and Accent Modification language programmes for international new hires.  

Need inspiration? Read our Case Studies 'Global Ready Graduates' and ‘Business English: Accent Modification & Writing Skills'.


"I just wanted to share with you that I've recently run follow up sessions at our Swedish office and I'm really pleased to say that the Babel training sessions have had a really positive impact on people there. Brilliant to see that this really made a difference."

Intercultural Awareness Programme

MTK Wireless Ltd

"I know quite a few people were sceptical about the value of spending a full day doing the training but from the feedback I have had it really fulfilled our needs."

Country Briefing: Qatar

University of Sussex

"She was a very effective facilitator and led the workshop well. The training was very effective and very good feedback from the attendees – they keep talking about things they have learnt which is great and some have already taken action to better support our customer based on what they learnt."

Taiwanese Cultural Training

BAE Systems

"The trainer made us very comfortable, which created good questions and discussions."

High Performance Multi-Cultural Teams

BNP Paribas Securities Services - Glasgow

"Each year the Babel module is rated 'outstanding' by our graduates. They feel really engaged and encouraged to learn and although some of them may have studied these topics at university, they have never experienced the content within such a multi-cultural group and the advice offered by top trainers. The graduates are excited to network with fellow colleagues from different offices and cultures and Babel's programme enables us to do this perfectly."

Graduate Development Programme


"Gained loads of insights and food for thought."

Cultural Awareness

VMware - Milton Keynes

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