World-Class Customer Service

Providing a world-class service is critical for all companies, but especially so if you work with international customers who expect the highest quality service standards.  Our courses benefit all sales and customer care professionals, Front of House teams and shared service functions.

Our fully customised programmes can be tailored to the specific cultural groups that you work with.  We identify opportunities for you to create an excellent first impression, confidently handle your customers’ enquiries, demonstrate empathy, build rapport and deal positively with challenging cultural situations.

For each culture under discussion, you will practice role-plays concerning social and everyday etiquette, demonstrating courtesy and respect and the importance of saving ‘face’.

We look at naming conventions and titles, appropriate meeting and greeting styles, good topics of conversation and conversation taboos. We also offer advice on hierarchy, status, religion, gender and family issues as well as different attitudes to time and deadlines.

Need inspiration?  Read our Case Study 'Developing World-Class Customer Service' and our Babel Blog 'Global Gift Giving'.

Alternative Description
Alternative Description

To extend your knowledge further, why not consider our International Negotiation Skills programme? We can enable you to identify the key cultural parameters you need to take into account when negotiating internationally. The more you know about your global clients, the more you will be able to adapt your style, and the greater the chance you will be able to communicate and negotiate successfully with them. 


"The course improved my level of confidence to deal with situations and I now feel I have a better understanding of the Chinese and Russian cultures."

Developing World-Class Customer Service

Customer Service Academy, Berkeley Group

“Excellent, very interactive, relevant and tailored to our business. Thank you.”

Developing World-Class Customer Service

St James

"Trainer was amazing. Easy to listen to, fun and very knowledgeable."

Negotiating Effectively with International Buyers

Berkeley Homes

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Online Learning During the Corona Virus Outbreak

During the Corona virus disruption, we have expanded our online offering so that your employees can continue to learn while working from home. Our experienced trainers can provide inspiring sessions and webinars live online. These include and are not limited to: virtual classrooms for foreign and English language training, international assignee briefings, country-specific cultural briefings, unconscious bias and virtual culture coaching. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these options on 020 8295 5877.