Accent Modification & Communication Skills

Accent Modification: If you need to achieve greater fluency in your face-to-face business situations, we will help you to modify your speech to communicate more clearly and achieve a more English sound. You may have a strong grasp of English but find that your ability to fully express yourself is limited.

Our programme will boost your confidence for communicating ideas effectively, soften your accent, produce continuous speech without long pauses and use techniques for managing native-English speakers who may interrupt.

English for Meetings, Presentations and Negotiations: In addition to our Business English courses, we also provide focused short courses to practise the essential language skills needed for meetings, presentations or negotiations.

Each of these courses are tailored to your own context and will help you improve your communication skills in realistic situations. You’ll write English in a variety of contexts, listen and understand to appropriate recordings, podcasts or videos, give clear, detailed oral descriptions and presentations on complex subjects and express yourself orally in a clear and effective style.

Alternative Description
Alternative Description

Need inspiration?  Read our Case Study 'Business English: Accent Modification & Writing Skills' and our Babel Blog 'What Sort of Language Learner are You?'.


“I have enjoyed quite a lot these lessons and also improved quite a lot my pronunciation and communication. Thank you very much.”

Accent Modification Programme

Royal Haskoning DHV

“This course was very helpful for my role and for my daily life.”

Writing Skills for Business

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