Foreign Languages

We offer language training in all the major world languages from Beginners to Advanced level. Lessons are typically a minimum of 90 minutes. You can opt for a virtual classroom, face-to-face sessions with our tutor coming to you, one-to-one telephone tutorials or immersive courses at one of our recommended partner schools.

We work to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which means you can be assured of an internationally recognised benchmark.

Each of our language courses has defined learning objectives, clear progression routes and links to assessment. Our course outlines demonstrate how business terminology, writing skills, spoken fluency, pronunciation, listening skills, and business specific terminology will be incorporated into your programme.

Each lesson focuses mainly on oral communication and by hearing your tutor speak and joining in a conversation, your confidence will build. You will learn phrases that can be used immediately, colloquialisms, sentence structure, pronunciation, grammar and spelling.

Alternative Description
Alternative Description

Our friendly account managers will provide full administrative support including Needs Assessment forms, supplementary materials and scheduled Review Meetings. Our Monthly Reports help you keep track of your learners’ progress, attendance and achievements and importantly help you measure your Return on Investment.

Need inspiration? Read our Case Studies 'In-Company & Online Language Learning', 'Business English: Accent Modification & Writing Skills' and our Babel Blog 'What Sort of Language Learner are you?'.


“It was great thank you. We have an excellent tutor; she quickly adapted the lesson to suit my level and I came away feeling that I had learnt a lot—very happy.”

Spanish Language Lessons

Invesco Perpetual

"Please thank both our trainers for their professionalism, the group had nothing but wonderful things to say about the delivery of the training."

Group English Lessons

ARUP - London

"I very much enjoy my Italian lessons and I have struck up a real bond with my tutor. I hope to be able to continue with my Italian studies!"

Italian Language Lessons

Invesco Perpetual

"I have been having very intensive French lessons over the last 5 weeks in preparation for my expat move. Our tutor did a fantastic job of developing a lesson plan, prepping me for the essentials and covering the basics, giving me a strong French foundation on which I can build over the coming years. She was very flexible with lesson times, working around my schedule and always brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm, no matter how early in the morning or late in the evening it was!"

Intensive French Programme

EDF Energy

"I have been having regular lessons for a couple of weeks now and the lessons are going really well. I need to study some more on my own is the only thing! But the lessons are really good - fast paced and challenging (in a good way). The tutor is really supportive so it's good and I feel like I am learning a lot!"

Portuguese Skype Lessons

Amy - Private Client

"The Skype lessons are interesting – they are definitely more difficult as they aren’t in person, but this is good practice for speaking on the phone and additionally it makes my face to face lessons in the office easier. "

French Skype Lessons

Total Exploration & Production

“My tutor’s doing a great job of personalising the lessons to what I need; the sessions are intensive but good fun. The 1-2-1 time is really valuable to me.”

German Intermediate Language Lessons

Mundipharma IT Services

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