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Babel’s online offering is not about gimmicks or game-playing. You will receive a high-quality lesson at a convenient time, tailored to your own specific goals. We use various video-conferencing software which means you can log on via desk-top, mobile, tablet or telephone and have simultaneous screen sharing with your tutor, listen to audio-files and watch videos smoothly and use a full range of collaborative tools such as co-annotation and white-boarding.

For clients with learners based in different locations, our Virtual Classroom allows their people, at a similar language level, to join together for a regular group classes.

We can even record lessons for those missing a session. Additionally, if you travel a great deal, or by the nature of your job use the telephone regularly to speak to international colleagues, you may want to opt for 1:1 Telephone Tutorials. Phone training is typically provided in 30 minute sessions and the skills practised are speaking, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary. 

Need inspiration? Read our Case Studies 'In-Company & Online Language Learning', 'Business English: Accent Modification & Writing Skills' and our Babel Blog 'What Sort of Language Learner are you?'.

Alternative Description
Alternative Description


"I have been having regular lessons for a couple of weeks now and the lessons are going really well. I need to study some more on my own is the only thing! But the lessons are really good - fast paced and challenging (in a good way). The tutor is really supportive so it's good and I feel like I am learning a lot!"

Portuguese Skype Lessons

Amy - Private Client

"The Skype lessons are interesting – they are definitely more difficult as they aren’t in person, but this is good practice for speaking on the phone and additionally it makes my face to face lessons in the office easier. "

French Skype Lessons

Total Exploration & Production

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