Residential Language Training

Have you had many attempts, but never quite got to grips with a language? Don’t despair - by the end of a week-long immersion course, we’re confident you will have learned more than in all those years of false starts.

Imagine as the week progresses being able to speak without pre-preparing sentences or not having to direct-translate everything. You’ll know you are doing well if you dream with fragments of your new phrases and words!

We have partner language schools overseas where you can take the opportunity of immersing yourself in one or two weeks of full-time study.

We arrange your accommodation with hotels, local B&B’s or a host family and organise transfers.

Immersion training is certainly challenging but will leave you motivated by your rapid results and wanting to put your learning into action immediately. 

Should your requirement for an immersion course be due to an overseas assignment consider benefiting from a relocation briefing too.

Alternative Description
Alternative Description


"It was a very useful course. Very intense, but that was what I needed. We covered a lot of ground quickly and the teachers were flexible and supportive. I enjoyed the 4 days and learnt a huge amount. Very much recommended for anyone in the same position."

French Residential Course

EDF Energy NNB

“Really enjoyed the course. My tutor was really nice, he was so patient with me and explained things in a way and manner that made it fun but got the message across. The school itself was great, all of the people were really nice and friendly and made us feel very welcome. All in all, I really enjoyed the complete experience.“

German Residential Course

Computacenter, UK

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