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Pre-Course Needs Analysis

Before any training delivery, we use surveys or a focus group discussion to explore your needs, perspectives and experiences. This process helps us tailor the content, manage outcomes and maintain the high satisfaction evaluations we receive.

Content & Delivery 

Our training is highly interactive and practical. There are opportunities for sharing insights and perspectives and working out real ways of applying the tools and models on offer. For example, participants will share their experiences through taking part in sub-group and plenary discussions; contribute to short, focussed ‘snap’ exercises to highlight key communication skills; take part in work-related scenarios – either advising another delegate or actually role-playing; complete simple personal inventories to identify and label professional attributes and opportunities for growth; practise giving feedback to other delegates; dig beneath the buzzwords to form a semantic set with real meaning; create a common language to promote better ways of working.

In addition, they will receive frequent feedback and practical advice from the trainer on how they can further improve their communication style. At crucial stages, they will be invited to declare what they are taking away, and how they will start to implement the ideas whether as individuals, among themselves as initiates of the method in question, or in their dealings with colleagues, clients and stakeholders in the world of work – carrying the message.

In short, minimum PowerPoint, maximum focus on skills development and ‘learning by doing’.


Following our programmes, we use surveys to collect feedback from the participants. We can also conduct pre- and post-training assessments, schedule follow up interviews with participants after a few months to gather more in-depth feedback about their experience, the practical application of what they learned, and any challenges they faced to see if they are applying what they learned.

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Alternative Description
Alternative Description


"Each year the Babel module is rated 'outstanding' by our graduates. They feel really engaged and encouraged to learn and although some of them may have studied these topics at university, they have never experienced the content within such a multi-cultural group and the advice offered by top trainers. The graduates are excited to network with fellow colleagues from different offices and cultures and Babel's programme enables us to do this perfectly."

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