Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Training

Many countries including the UK are once again facing the stark reality of racial inequality. For this reason, organisations are now reflecting on diversity, unconscious bias and race training and they are looking to hold open and robust conversations with their employees in a safe environment. Babel’s heritage in navigating identity and understanding cultural differences makes us well placed to engage with your participants.

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Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Working with client organisations, we help individuals define themselves culturally-speaking, articulate their own identity and recognise differences in others.  We then help them build skills to navigate the complexities of the various cultural interactions they have and how to effectively resolve differences.  During our sessions, we explore the deeper, hidden elements of their culture such as the nature of friendship, gender roles, notions of ‘self’, attitudes towards age, the concept of fairness, approaches to problem-solving, the importance of time and work styles.

Through interactive exercises and group discussion, delegates are encouraged to openly discuss stereotypes, assumptions, prejudices and behaviour seen through their own cultural ‘lenses’.  Together, we develop strategies for and when they may need to modify their behaviour and communication to promote a trusting and inclusive team.

We know that corporate delegates face many pressures, so the overall tenor of our training is that to create truly inclusive organisations offers a source of competitive advantage and is a key enabler of growth as well as providing the ability to reflect and implement techniques that lead to more productive managers and employees.

Unconscious Bias

There is no escaping bias; all people develop values based on their environment and upbringing as children. We are hard-wired to make intuitive decisions about other people as our brains use visual, verbal and behavioural clues to categorise others. We help delegates to understand how bias shows up in an organisation, examine and discuss strategies for common workplace scenarios and we offer practical tips to help overcome its potential impact.

Our interactive sessions balance the learning with theoretical concepts, reflection of participants’ own values, beliefs and bias, and feedback from our facilitator. You will learn that even where you do not consciously endorse a stereotype, it can influence your attitudes and behaviour outside your awareness.

Overview of topics to be included:

  • Unconscious bias
  • Stereotypes, generalisations, prejudices and discrimination
  • Our own lens(es)
  • Diversity – current realities
  • Micro-aggressions and other negative behaviour
  • Understanding privilege
  • The use and impact of language, coded language, tone and non verbal messages
  • Active and passive complicity
  • Managing difficult conversations and acknowledging honest mistakes
  • Practical applications for managers - the impact of unconscious bias on teams
  • How organisations benefit from a diverse work force – the bottom line


“I’ve gained a better understanding to cultural differences. I definitely suggest colleagues go on this to learn that something may be classed as ‘rude’ but it’s merely a misunderstanding.”

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

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