International Negotiation Skills Training

Do you need to negotiate successfully with partners from around the world? This course will benefit you by identifying the key skills of negotiating as well as providing a practical framework for preparing a negotiation. You will identify key targets, work out tactics, learn how to deal with difficult negotiators and achieve the results needed. You will learn persuading and influencing techniques. Crucially, you will examine in depth the negotiating and communication styles of the main cultures you deal with.  Contact us to find out how we can design and deliver a course tailored just for you.

Alternative Description
Alternative Description


"The best and most relevant negotiation training course I have ever attended."

International Negotiation Skills Workshop

Sainsbury's Supermarkets

“I feel as the session has taken place two days before my first trip to China that this course will be extremely beneficial and help to ensure that I can create a good impression and avoid faux pas.”

Negotiating Effectively with China

Lakeland - Buying Team

"Trainer was amazing. Easy to listen to, fun and very knowledgeable."

Negotiating Effectively with International Buyers

Berkeley Homes

"Nice relaxed process, let discussions flow yet guided the course on time. Enjoyed the course, very informal!"

International Negotiations Skills Workshop

Genus ABS

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