Cross Cultural Training Programmes

What you might need

  • Are you a Human Resources or L&D professional looking to develop the intercultural skills in your employees to help them work more effectively in a global workplace? Take a look at our tailored cross-cultural and communication skills training, delivered worldwide.
  • Are you working in Global Mobility and need support to help your people prepare for a successful international assignment? Learn more about our range of pre-assignment country briefings, post-arrival support and repatriation counselling.
  • Are you a Business Executive looking to develop the mindset and skills of your team to work collaboratively across borders? Our Working Across Cultures programme is an ideal starting point.
  • Are you a Managed Services Provider wanting to source exceptional training delivery? Request a call to learn how we can fulfil your client’s training requirements on time and on budget.

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Here’s what we do

We design and deliver effective cross-cultural learning experiences. The focus and content of our programmes are based on exploring your learning needs, the time you have available, the expected outcomes and target audience. They generally cover the following skills:

  • Adaptation: Strategies for adjusting and acclimating to new cultural environments when living or working abroad.
  • Cultural Awareness: Understanding and appreciating cultural differences, including values, customs, traditions, and communication styles of different cultures.
  • Communication: Improving cross-cultural communication skills, including active listening, empathy, and the ability to adapt communication styles to different cultural norms.
  • Conflict Resolution: Learning how to address and resolve conflicts that may arise due to cultural differences and finding constructive ways to manage disagreements.
  • Global Leadership: Techniques and strategies for leading diverse teams and fostering inclusivity within organisations.
  • Global Business Etiquette: Learning about cultural norms and etiquette in the context of global business interactions, including greetings, gift-giving, and business practices.
  • Multi-cultural Teamwork: Understanding the dynamics of working in multi-cultural teams and enhancing collaboration and team cohesion.
  • Negotiation Skills: Understanding how cultural differences can affect negotiation processes and strategies for effective cross-cultural negotiation.


"I just wanted to share with you that I've recently run follow up sessions at our Swedish office and I'm really pleased to say that the Babel training sessions have had a really positive impact on people there. Brilliant to see that this really made a difference."

Intercultural Awareness Programme

MTK Wireless Ltd

"Initially I didn't think that it was going to be very helpful but the course was well structured and gave me many things to take away to improve my own practices."

Inter-Cultural Training


"Excellent Masterclass, engaging speaker, up to date articles, great examples, thorough content. Fun!"

Cross Cultural Training

Mundipharma Research

"For a day course it was perfect but it has left me wanting to learn more which is always a good thing!"

Cultural Awareness

Knight Frank

"Although I have had cultural training in the past, this was far more useful to me. It was interactive and helped me to improve my cultural awareness."

Working Across Cultures

Experian - Bulgaria

"I enjoyed learning how to deal with situations emerging from cultural differences within the USA (dialects, accents). Some really helpful insight into the American mind-set, especially business life. Also, the ability to phrase things in a way that US clients understand. Now I understand that there are some things here in the EU that US citizens never use so cannot understand."

American Cultural Training


"Engaging Trainer. Clear understanding / insight into the subject, seemed genuinely interested in what we wanted to get from the course/ how it applied to our roles."

Working Effectively with India

Royal Society of Chemistry - Cambridge

"An excellent presenter - very happy to address work specific related questions and deviate from planned materials when it was helpful."

Working Effectively with Japan

Cambridge Consultants

"The trainer gave me straight answers to my questions and tips on how to deal with my problematic situation in the future."

Working Across Cultures

VMWare - Bulgaria

“I’ve gained a better understanding to cultural differences. I definitely suggest colleagues go on this to learn that something may be classed as ‘rude’ but it’s merely a misunderstanding.”

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

St George

"The course improved my level of confidence to deal with situations and I now feel I have a better understanding of the Chinese and Russian cultures."

Developing World-Class Customer Service

Customer Service Academy, Berkeley Group

"The trainer made us very comfortable, which created good questions and discussions."

High Performance Multi-Cultural Teams

BNP Paribas Securities Services - Glasgow

“I often proof-read our International Magazine for grammar/ typos. Now I will also consider the Global English v Native English impact in the future.”

Exploring How We Work

Computacenter - Hatfield

"We really enjoyed the workshop. To be honest I was a little bit sceptical beforehand but any thoughts like that were very quickly banished, and certain subjects were discussed that I hadn’t even thought about. We both got a lot out of the day and would highly recommend to everyone."

International Assignee: Living & Working in France

EDF Energy

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