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Curious but not convinced about the benefit of cross-cultural training? Not sure about the need to spend money on something you are managing yourself? We believe in this global age the price for cultural misunderstandings and miscommunication far outweighs the cost of training to prevent it.

Cultural training provides an efficient way of quickly developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours for successfully working internationally. Tangible benefits include increased productivity and retention, improved customer service and reduced complaints, improved relationships between clients, stakeholders and peers and increased job satisfaction.

Our programmes are delivered by experts in a way that ensures delegates practice new behaviours straight away in their day-to-day activities. This may be taking a different approach to getting a partner’s buy-in or resolving a conflict, adapting presentations for non-native English speakers, writing effective emails to improve team exchanges or negotiating successfully with new partners.

So is cross-cultural training an unnecessary expense? In our experience, insightful organisations fully understand the accelerated speed with which projects succeed, assignments go smoothly and relationships flourish all as a result of training. Given the enormous costs associated with global projects, how could developing cultural competencies required for their success, ever be seen as simply a “nice-to-have”?

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Alternative Description
Alternative Description


"Thought-provoking course which gives a great insight into other cultures and how to adapt and improve your own communication for the greater good."

Working Across Cultures

BNP Paribas Securities Services

"Excellent Masterclass, engaging speaker, up to date articles, great examples, thorough content. Fun!"

Cross Cultural Training

Mundipharma Research

"For a day course it was perfect but it has left me wanting to learn more which is always a good thing!"

Cultural Awareness

Knight Frank

"We really enjoyed the workshop. To be honest I was a little bit sceptical beforehand but any thoughts like that were very quickly banished, and certain subjects were discussed that I hadn’t even thought about. We both got a lot out of the day and would highly recommend to everyone."

International Assignee: Living & Working in France

EDF Energy

"An excellent presenter - very happy to address work specific related questions and deviate from planned materials when it was helpful."

Working Effectively with Japan

Cambridge Consultants

"Thank you for your advice, help and support."

Expat Family Briefing: Living & Working in Tokyo

Wife of Expat - Mundipharma Research Ltd

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