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Step into a world of accelerated language acquisition with our Intensive English Courses. These immersive programmes are tailor-made for you or your company and are designed to enable learners to make swift and remarkable progress in their business English language skills. Whether the goal is to prepare for an international assignment to an English-speaking country or to upskill your team for working internationally, our Intensive English Courses are designed to propel learners toward fluency in a focused and efficient manner.

The course content is carefully selected and structured to maximise each person’s learning potential. You'll engage in intensive language exercises, simulated real-life scenarios, and interactive group activities that represent everyday challenges. Through practice and guidance from our experienced tutors, you'll not only master grammar and vocabulary but also refine your pronunciation, listening comprehension and confident verbal expression.

As you delve into our Intensive English Courses, learners will experience a sense of accomplishment as they witness their language skills evolve rapidly. One-on-one tuition or small class sizes ensure personalised attention, allowing learners to address specific areas of improvement. Whether you're a complete beginner to the language, an intermediate learner striving to break through proficiency barriers or an advanced speaker aiming for greater eloquence, our Intensive English Courses are your passport to linguistic success.

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Alternative Description


“I have enjoyed quite a lot these lessons and also improved quite a lot my pronunciation and communication. Thank you very much.”

Accent Modification Programme

Royal Haskoning DHV

“This course was very helpful for my role and for my daily life.”

Writing Skills for Business

AIMIA - Portugal

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